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2 Who are Community HealthWorkers? Presbyterian Health Plan Community Health Workers (CHWs) work and live in the same communities as you, and through special training, are a great resource to help you get what you need to stay as healthy as possible. CHWs are committed to helping you and your family improve your health by assisting you to find housing, food, utility assistance, transportation, and translation services, and to visit a healthcare provider. This service is confidential and provided at no additional cost to you. They can also help you better manage other health conditions, such as pregnancy, asthma, diabetes, and behavioral health and substance use problems. What to expect from your CHW Once you let us know you want services, your CHW will call you to set up an appointment. They can meet you at home or talk with you on the phone. They will ask you questions so that they can understand what services you want and need. Your CHW will help you develop an action plan to address the services you want and need. CHWs can help you for as long as you want, but services usually last 30 to 90 days. How do I get CHW services? To ask for CHW services, you can call (505) 923-8567 or email . Presbyterian Health Plan offers CHW services in English and Spanish. Presbyterian Health Plan (PHP) provides consumer advisory meetings for Native American Centennial Care members. These meetings are educational sessions for our members to learn about health plan benefits, ask questions, and provide valuable feedback. Various PHP staff will be available to discuss member concerns directly. These meetings are held in tribal communities on a quarterly basis or as requested. Attendees will: ● ● Learn about the Centennial Care benefits and services ● ● Talk about current issues or concerns ● ● Provide input and feedback to improve services to Native Americans ● ● Celebrate success! For more information on these meetings, please contact Scott Atole, Native American Affairs Manager, at (505) 923-8438 or email . NATIVE AMERICAN CONSUMER ADVISORY BOARD You are always welcome to share your experience 2020 Native American Consumer Advisory Board meeting schedule ● ● First Quarter – Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico ● ● Second Quarter – Taos Pueblo, New Mexico ● ● Third Quarter – Pine Hill Navajo Community, New Mexico ● ● Fourth Quarter – Presbyterian Cooper Administration Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico What a Community Health Worker can do for you you get support. This service lets New Mexicans call and text counselors and peer support workers. You can also access mental health resources. Search for “NMConnect” in your smartphone app store. Financial hardship resources If you have lost your job or health insurance coverage, need childcare or food, or have questions about housing and bills, visit i-need-assistance for helpful information. Other resources available for you ● ● New Mexico Department of Health Coronavirus Hotline: 1-855-600-3453 ● ● Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: ● ● New Mexico Department of Health: ● ● World Health Organization: Helping you navigate COVID-19 —Continued from front page