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you can connect with a provider who will evaluate your health concern and provide a personalized treatment plan. If needed, providers can e-prescribe medication to your pharmacy of choice. The entire visit lasts only minutes. And it’s all done from your home (or bed)! How do I request a visit? It’s fast and easy to request a Video Visit. First, make sure you have a myPRES account ( ). From there it’s simple: 1. Using a smartphone, computer, or tablet, click on “Access MyHealthPlan” from . 2. Under Options for Care, select “Video Visits.” 3. You will be directed to a new page where you can click “Access Video Visits.” 4. Here, you will provide quick details about your health concern and request your visit. Within minutes, you will receive a phone call from a care coordinator for a quick intake of your symptoms and to ensure your video connection is ready to go. That’s it! You are now on the road to recovery. Your story Your Story is published for members of Presbyterian Health Plan, Inc., and Presbyterian Insurance Company, Inc. P.O. Box 27489 Albuquerque, NM 87125-7489 Managing editor: Information in Your Story comes from a wide range of medical experts. Models may be used in photos and illustrations. If you have any concerns or questions about specific content that may affect your health, please contact your healthcare provider. Such services are funded in part with the State of New Mexico. Presbyterian complies with applicable federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. ATENCIÓN: si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al (505) 923-5420 , 1-855-592-7737 (TTY: 711 ) . Díí baa akó nínízin: Díí saad bee yání ł ti’go Diné Bizaad, saad bee áká’ánída’áwo’d66’, t’áá jiik’eh éí ná hól=, koj8’ hódíílnih (505) 923-5420 , 1-855-592-7737 (TTY: 711 ) . Like us on Facebook 2020 © Coffey Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. MPC032036 Centennial Care #3138 No one likes to wake up in the morning with a sore throat, hacking cough, or achy joints. You probably don’t want to get out of bed, much less go in for treatment at a busy urgent care clinic or emergency room. Presbyterian Health Plan gives you a better option! Did you know we offer a robust Video Visit benefit for many common illnesses and injuries? Our Video Visits are available 24/7 to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan and even call in a prescription if needed. You can visit with a medical provider from the comfort of your home with the assurance that you’re receiving care from a highly qualified clinician. What does a Video Visit treat? A Video Visit is an ideal option for minor and acute conditions, including these and many more: ● ● Sore throat ● ● Coughs, colds, and flu ● ● Sinus infections ● ● Pink eye ● ● Skin infections ● ● Bug bites and stings ● ● Strains and sprains ● ● Minor cuts and burns How does it work? With our Video Visit benefit, you can access medical care anytime, from any location, and on any device with internet access. Using two-way video, Accessing Video Visits for common illnesses and injuries How, why, and when it’s a better option for simple medical care