Presbyterian | Spring 2019 | Your Story

For Native American Centennial Care members Spring 2019 Your story Presbyterian Health Plan, Inc. P.O. Box 27489 Albuquerque, NM 87125-7489 Important plan information Standard U.S. Postage PAID Presbyterian Health Plan INSIDE Presbyterian has been part of New Mexico’s history for over 110 years. We are the only health plan that has been serving Medicaid members since New Mexico began offering Medicaid plans over 20 years ago. We are proud to continue to be your partner in health. Presbyterian is committed to improving the health of Native American members, patients, and the communities we serve. ● ● People First: Members, Patients, Employees and Clinician Partners ● ● Wholeness: Body, Mind, Spirit and Community ● ● Quality: Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork and Trust Choose Presbyterian as your partner in health Presbyterian Centennial Care is designed to keep you in good health. Along with the standard Centennial Care benefits, we give you value-added services and the tools to help you reach your best health. In addition, Presbyterian Health Plan has a dedicated Native American team to help make sure your healthcare needs are met. Coordinating your care 3 Share your experience 4 Centennial Care for Native Americans Centennial Care for Native Americans: 1-888-977-2333 We are a Managed Care Organization (MCO) Medicaid plan that helps coordinate your healthcare needs. We help you access healthcare services when you are healthy and when you are not. We also help when you have special needs or need complex healthcare services. In addition, Native American Centennial Care members do not pay copays when they get medical services. You can choose Presbyterian Centennial Care when you complete the Medicaid application. Presbyterian Centennial Care provides you with all the care you need Benefits include preventive care, services for pregnant moms, dental and vision services, disease management, urgent or emergency care, long-term services and support, prescription drug coverage, behavioral health services, and much more. Native Americans can receive healthcare services at Indian Health Service, Tribal Healthcare Facilities, Urban Indian Health Centers (I/T/Us), as well as the Presbyterian Health Plan network of providers. Value-added services On top of all the great benefits and services that come with being a Presbyterian Centennial Care member, you also get value-added services. (These are services that go beyond Medicaid covered benefits.) They include: ● ● Traditional medicine benefit: We know that customs are a vital part of health and wellness for Native American people. We seek to honor and support your culture with this benefit. We can help with $300 per calendar year (Jan. 1 through Dec. 31) for traditional medicine services. ● ● Full benefits for “Pregnancy Services Only” members: Members will have full medical and behavioral health benefits. This includes prescription drug coverage, transportation (ride) services, and routine dental services. Vision is not covered. ● ● Baby Benefits Program: A program that will help mothers stay healthy during pregnancy. Moms can earn up to $150 in gift card rewards for going to prenatal and postpartum visits. ● ● Physicals: Yearly adult routine physicals and children’s sports physicals. ● ● Dental varnish: Simple, protective dental treatments for children between six months and three years of age. ● ● Medisafe: A medicine reminder app for your smartphone that tracks your prescription drugs and reminds you when it’s time to refill. ● ● Tabtime Vibe: A pill case that beeps and vibrates to help remind you when it’s time to take your medicine. ● ● Wellness classes: Available for adults with a diagnosis of diabetes or members age 5–64 diagnosed with asthma. NACC