Presbyterian | Spring 2019 | Your Story

2 Schedule non-emergency medical transportation on your smartphone Presbyterian Centennial Care members can now schedule approved, non- emergency medical transportation on the new MyRide smartphone application. To learn more, or to sign up, call the Presbyterian Customer Service Center at (505) 923-5200 or 1-888-977-2333 . The Presbyterian Native American Affairs Team (from left): Charlotte Jameson, Tribal Liaison; Jennifer Sandoval, Tribal Liaison; Loren Allison, PNM Relationship Executive; Janelle Atcitty, Native American Affairs Director; Randall Zuni, Tribal Liaison; Mellisa Logg, Education and Outreach Supervisor; Susie Benally, Tribal Liaison. Not pictured: Scott Atole, Native American Affairs Program Manager. Presbyterian Centennial Care Native American Affairs strives to improve the health and wellness of our Native American members. The team works with Native American leadership, tribal communities, Indian Health Service, Tribal Health Programs, Urban Indian Health Centers (I/T/Us), and other programs to connect our Native American members to quality healthcare service. Presbyterian has a dynamic team to serve our Native American members. The team was created with input from the tribes, nations, and pueblos across New Mexico. We have a relationship executive and associate within Provider Network Management. They work directly with the I/T/Us to talk about any issues with the business or claims processes. The Native American Affairs team works with Presbyterian’s Education and Outreach Tribal Liaison team to tell Native Americans about Centennial Care benefits. They also talk about special services and benefits for which Native Americans may qualify. They aim to teach other Presbyterian employees about Native American people and health needs. The Native American Affairs team works to make sure that healthcare services are culturally appropriate, sensitive, and respectful. The Presbyterian Native American Affairs Team is here to serve you! Janelle Atcitty, Director, Native American Affairs Janelle is Navajo and Zia. She grew up in Shiprock and spent her summers and holidays at Zia. Before joining Presbyterian in 2013, Janelle worked in Washington, D.C., supporting New Mexico Tribes and has over 21 years of tribal experience. ScottAtole, ProgramManager, Native American Affairs Scott has 25 years of experience in healthcare. He began his career as a Community Health Representative in Dulce, New Mexico. He was also one of the first MCO Tribal Liaisons under Salud! He was very helpful in teaching tribal leaders and communities about the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange. Loren Allison, Relationship Associate, Provider Network Management Loren is the grandson of Arthur Allison, former Cabinet Secretary of New Mexico’s Indian Affairs Department. Loren began his career working for IHS and has over 11 years of experience. He continues to support I/T/Us in his current role with Presbyterian Health Plan.