Presbyterian | Spring 2019 | Your Story 3 As a Presbyterian Centennial Care member, you have access to care coordination. A care coordinator will work with you, your providers, and your family to make sure you have all the help you need for your best health. This service is for members with complex, long-term medical or behavioral health needs. It is available to you whether you are in the hospital, in a nursing facility, or at home. Presbyterian care coordinators live in the same communities as members, so they will know what services are available (including language interpreters, if needed). A care coordinator can: ● ● Help coordinate covered services on your plan that are medically necessary ● ● Make sure that you get the right care when you are ready to leave a facility We will always ask you if you want to participate in the care coordination process. The choice to be a part of the process is always yours. We will also check in with you often to see if your healthcare needs change. We do this whether you are in care coordination or not. Care coordination can help you Presbyterian Centennial Care serves Native American communities in New Mexico. We continue supporting and building relationships with these communities. We are committed to making sure the current Native American members and future members we serve have a great experience and access to quality healthcare. Mellisa Logg, Education and Outreach Supervisor Mellisa has 21 years of experience working with Native American communities within the education and healthcare systems. She has a background in education, community health, behavioral health, and healthcare systems in both Indian Health Service and managed care. Mellisa has a Master of Educational Leadership from Arizona State University, a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education from Fort Lewis College, and an Associate of Science in Life Science-Health Occupation from Diné College. She supports, educates, and advocates for Presbyterian Health Plan members and future members within New Mexico. Jennifer Sandoval, Tribal Liaison Jennifer Sandoval, of San Felipe Pueblo, is currently working as a Tribal Liaison for Presbyterian. She has worked for the UC Davis Health System, Indian Health Service, and Tribal 638 facilities. She has 17+ years of experience in the medical and healthcare setting. She has developed and kept relationships with statewide Native American government agencies, communities, and customers—serving as a liaison for Indian Health Services, Tribal 638 facilities, Urban Health Clinics, and tribally operated facilities, while working closely with all 23 New Mexico tribes. She is also trained in Medicaid Fee-for-Service (FFS), Medicare Part A/B, C, D (pharmacy), Senior Advantage Plans, and commercial plans. She attended DeVry and majored in electrical engineering. Charlotte Jameson, Tribal Liaison Charlotte Jameson, MBA, serves the community as a Presbyterian Government Program Tribal Liaison for the Centennial Care Medicaid Education and Outreach Department. Charlotte will be covering the urban area and eastern part of the Navajo Reservation. Charlotte has experience as a Native American Marketing Manager for a home health agency out of Montana and a care coordinator for another Managed Care Organization. Charlotte has worked in the healthcare industry for almost 20 years serving the Navajo, Pueblo, and Apache Reservations in New Mexico and Arizona. Charlotte has her master’s degree in business administration from New Mexico Highlands University. —Continued on page 4 PRESBYTERIAN HEALTH PLAN Native American outreach team If you are in care coordination, your care coordinator will call and check in with you at least every 90 days. You can always call your care coordinator if your health needs change, you need different care, or you have any questions. You can also call the Presbyterian Customer Service Center at: ● ● (505) 923-5200 or 1-888-977-2333 (TTY: 711 ) ● ● Navajo/Diné: (505) 923-5157 or 1-888-806-8793 (TTY: 711 ) Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except holidays) Need help?